Distribution of vegetables

The distribution of vegetables to our members takes place weekly via so-called depots. In the winter months – usually beginning after the Christmas break – it takes place every 2 weeks.

The depots are distribution points at various public and private locations in Bonn, such as a private garage or a community centre. There are currently 8 depots in Bonn (see map below, please click on map for a larger map display).
Each of the depots is managed by members, who act as depot coordinators.

Each member who receives a share of the harvest is allocated to a depot of their choice wherever possible. The vegetables can then be collected from this depot at specified times.

The distribution is organised very differently. In some depots the vegetable shares get prepacked so that they are ready for pickup by members. In others, each member weighs out their own share.

Depot Map
Map of the depots