We attach more importance to ecological, sustainable and socially just food production than to achieving the highest possible yield!

Every day in Germany, an average of 70 hectares of valuable farmland is lost through construction measures, which is equivalent to about 70 large football pitches. As an example, 2 hectares right next to our farm has recently been sold and is being developed into housing. More and more farmers are giving up, and more and more food has to be imported. The same applies to the organic sector: every second organic apple and every second organic carrot currently comes from abroad. This is absurd, endangers the regional food supply and is fatal for the climate. We want to change that here on the ground!

We want to:

  • Strengthen rural agriculture in our region and preserve it for future generations
  • Produce healthy food from organic farming close to the city, transport without packaging and distribute in an environmentally friendly way
  • Reduce our environmental footprint, including CO² emissions, packaging waste and energy consumption
  • Make our contribution to independence from food imports, prevailing market structures and agricultural corporations
  • Preserve and promote diversity of crops and livestock
  • Create joy and pleasure in the community
  • Set a positive example for further SoLawis in Bonn and the surrounding area

Solidarische Landwirtschaft Bonn (SoLaWi) is part of the Transition-Town-Initiative Bonn