Joe, born in 1977

I studied environmental science, geography and then did my PhD in international development studies with research in India. Later, a postdoctoral research project brought me to Bonn. Most of my research was focused on small farmers in Asia, and in recent years on the dangers of pesticides.

I’d always felt uncomfortable studying something that I hadn’t myself practised. I also disliked sitting behind a computer all the time. Before I went to teach in a college in India in 2016, I’d been a member of our SoLaWi. On my return from India in 2018 I joined as a farm worker. I’ve just enrolled and begun the self-organised SoLaWi-Gardener training course.

I wish for a localised, organic and regenerative farming and food system that reconnects people with the food they eat and with nature. This would help change the current destructive economic system, improve people’s health, and reduce the impact of climate change and the chances of future zoonotic pandemics.