Joe Hill

I’m working at Solawi Bonn since summer 2018. Earlier I was a member. In 2020 I joined a self-organised SoLaWi vegetable gardener training course.

Before coming into vegetable gardening I was an environmental and social scientist. I did most of my research work with small farmers in Jharkhand, eastern India, but I’ve also spent time carrying out research in other parts of India, Ethiopia, and other South and Central Asian countries. Most of my work focused on small farmers and commons, like water bodies, irrigation systems, seed varieties, and traditional knowledge in farming, much of which are falling into disrepair or being lost. I also studied and raised some awareness about the spread and use of hybrid seed and chemical pesticides.

Having done this, I wanted to try my hand at farming and be a part of the movement trying to create a local and sustainable economy here in the Bonn region.