Charlotte, born in Cologne in 1993.

– How did you end up in agriculture?

In January 2020 I completed my apprenticeship as a vegetable gardener at Tönneßens in Roisdorf.

For a long time I didn’t know where to go until my childhood dream of a farm finally brought me back down to earth and took the form of gardening. Unfortunately, it takes time to get to the fields as a city girl with a high school diploma, as nobody tells you “become a farmer”.

As a future for agriculture, I hope that it will become a real, attractive perspective for young people to actively work in small-scale farming to ensure a green, solidary and fair future, which focuses on the essentials, far away from the consuming madness.

Blurring the image of the stupid farmer, of course.

Exactly these ideas of a better world, but also the rising up of people who join together for this common dream, using their power effectively, leads me to SoLaWi.

I do not really have a favourite insect. However, I do not like mosquitoes!